Shoes, glorious shoes!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

New shoes! And snakeskin!

I put these on and nearly cried. It was like being reunited with the child I never knew I had.

How could I have lived without these for so long?

Whirlwind spring

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Jason and I have so many exciting things coming up in the near future:

* Jason is starting up a regular poker night. He's got a new poker table, and we've got some new friends. And together, those things seem just about perfect for a Texas Hold 'Em tournament.

* Some of our most beloved friends are coming to visit, so we've been prepping the house in anticipation. That means finally unpacking the last of the moving boxes (ugh) and actually getting some furniture. Yes, even a sofa. We're becoming so adult around here. We're all growed up.

* More and more of my work is being featured in glossy publications, which is so exciting. I have another cover story coming out next month. My dad is gonna be so proud.

* The Coachella Arts and Music Festival is coming up at the end of April, and it's happening practically in my backyard. This makes me insanely giddy. I've been following this featival from afar since its inception, and now I get to attend the whole thing as part of my job.

And the bands? My God. Stellastarr*, Depeche Mode, Daft Punk, Editors, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, HARD-Fi, She Wants Revenge, Nine Black Alps, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Sleater-Kinney, Phoenix, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, Oakenfold, MADONNA ...

Hells yeah.

* This year I'll attend my first White Party, the biggest gay party in the country. And my date is going to be Maria, a hottie from my stripper class. We're going to be rolling up in a white limo and attending a big dance fest with the Pussycat Dolls.

I think I've had dreams like that.

* After all this excitement, Jason and I will finally take a breather during a much-needed getaway.

See, last summer we were scheduled to take a little weekend trip to D.C., a plan that was sidelined by his skydiving accident.

Then, when I really thought about it, I realized we've never taken a real, honest vacation together.

So this year, I decided to treat us both. We're taking a five-day cruise to Baja, Mexico.

Sure, it's only a three-hour drive from us, but this way we get to stuff our faces 10 times a day. Besides, Carnival had me at "midnight chocolate buffet."

So we'll be floating over to Catalina Island for a day, where we're planning on some kayaking and hiking. Then we'll float over to Ensenada, Baja, where we can do some snorkling, horseback riding, a tour through the Mexican wine country or some shopping. (I'm aiming for all of the above.)

Then we spend some time at sea, with shows, food, pools, food, water slides, food, drinking, food, dance classes, food, a spa ... and more food.

I know cruises can be kind of cheesy. But think of it -- in the middle of the ocean, with no cell phones, no email, no alarm clocks. The transportation is arranged, the room is reserved, the food is prepared, and there's an entire fleet of sailors devoted to serving my every need.

Doesn't that sound heavenly?

Incriminating Evidence

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Jason was so sick and hopped up on medicine when I snapped this shot, I wonder if he'll see it later and think we really got hitched.

I don't think he even remembers that I left the house for hours and hours on Sunday night to go to a costumed Oscars party.

Hee. He's gonna get punk'd.


Tuesday, March 07, 2006
Oh, man. There are few things I relish more than "The Amazing Race."

Getting filthy in foreign countries. Riding yaks and rappelling down 400-foot buildings. Eating gallons of goulash.

One-hundred percent pure travel porn.

The new season is here, and it's turning out to be more exciting than ever. And now my best friend, Jamie, and I will be documenting every step of the way at our new blog. Lucky you!

Click here: Jamie and Maggie Watch the Amazing Race.

Bookmark it. Read it. Love it. Oh, and leave comments too.

Here Comes the Bride

Monday, March 06, 2006

If you've ever wanted to attract attention while driving down the street, dress up like a bride.

A stipulation of the Oscars party I attended Sunday night was that every guest had to dress like a movie character. I was orginally going to be June Carter Cash -- but Jason, my Johnny, was sick.

So I was the Corpse Bride. And in retrospect, I should have put on the veil AFTER I got to the party, not before driving there.

I've never garnered so many honks and shouts before, not even when the air conditioning didn't work and I was driving in a bikini and pouring water all over my sweaty body.

I was literally stopping traffic.

One car full of guys screamed at me, "NO GROOM?"

I wanted to say, "Oh, he's in the land of the living" -- but that's difficult to explain during a short stoplight.

Probably the funniest moment was when I got lost and had to turn around in someone's driveway. The people gawked at me from their front lawn, probably thinking "Who invited the bride?"

I have to say, from the shoulders up I did make quite a decent bride.

What the other driver's couldn't see -- the ragged hem of my dress, my dead bouquet of flowers and the plastic spiders that were safety-pinned to my dress. Very corpsey, indeed.

A side view

Friday, March 03, 2006

Here's a better look at Jason's haircut. (Note the awesome duct tape watch I gave him for Christmas.)

Doesn't he look so handsome?

And for those of you who were wondering what happened to his super-long ponytail, we donated it to Locks of Love.