Winter wonderland

Snow on mountain

Driving to a Christmas party ...

JASON: Brrrr! It's cold.

MAGGIE: (Huddled in a thick wool sweater with a scarf wrapped around face) Indeed.

JASON: What is it? Like 60 degrees?

MAGGIE: (Muffled by scarf) Fifty-eight.

JASON: Fifty-freaking-eight? BRRRRR. I hope this isn't an indication of the kind of winter we have in store for us. Because I say no thank you to that kind of weather. Do you think the whole winter will be this cold? I hate knowing that winter is coming.

MAGGIE: Baby, it's December. It's already winter.

JASON: (Cranking up heat in car.) So it is.
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By Blogger Jennifer, at 9:15 PM  

It's official! You have been in the desert far too long! haha!!    

By Blogger Lissa, at 1:15 AM  

Dayton: Current temp 34 but feels like 26 (per

Snow? Check
Ice?? Check

Quit yer whinin' Mags. You're basking in the sun as far as I'M concerned!!

LOL <3    

By Blogger Linda Woods, at 10:14 PM  

Thanks for stopping by our blog and sharing your lunch with us!    

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