On a jet plane


Leaving tomorrow for a Thanksgiving trip to San Francisco.

My father flew out to Northern California earlier this week, so he's already there waiting, with my brother, my sister-in-law and my three beautiful nieces.

After a couple days of hearty family time, Jason and I are spending a couple days in the city by ourselves. We're staying at the coolest hotel -- each floor is decorated like either earth, air, water or fire. There's also a meditation room, which will be so nice and calming after an especially hectic week. (Isn't that a fabulous idea? I wish more places had a meditation room. What would the mall be like with meditation rooms? Or schools? So much nicer, I bet.)

We're also going to be eating our way around the bay. Dim sum for brunch, oysters at the marketplace for lunch, organic soul food for dinner, plus huckleberry margaritas, pear sidecars and saki martinis. Lovely.

Oh, and there's this candy store in Japantown that we discovered during our last trip into the city. They sell these amazing chocolate-filled marshmallows -- and I don't even like marshmallows, if that tells you anything about how good they are. I'm totally going to stock up on those.

While we're gone, our wonderfully kind neighbors, Chris and Jeff, will be taking care of the cat and checking in on the house.

I'm thankful for so many things.
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By Blogger Jennifer, at 1:02 PM  

Hope you had a great turkey day! I miss hearing all your fun stories, columns (I need to catch up on those!) and all the quirky fun links and photos you emailed!

Still no job, but I'm having a fabulous time visiting with friends and family! I'm heading to Seattle for 3 weeks this week! Yipee!! And ... Japan is calling again! I might head back in the spring. We'll see.

Anyway, tell everyone I said hello!

By Blogger Maggie, at 6:32 PM  


Well, if Japan is calling, then you must answer.

Actually, I was thinking about you during my trip to SF. We spent a lot of time in Japantown, which is one of my favorite parts of the whole city. It reminded me of everything you said you loved about the people and culture of Japan.

Mmmm. And I had the best soba and udon, too. Delicious.    

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