Hello, December!

So now that it's December, I guess it's about time to finally post a recap about Thanksgiving weekend, huh?

Jason and I landed at the San Francisco airport at 8:30 a.m. We were really nervous about travel on Thanksgiving, especially with all the news reports predicting a particularly bad year. But we got our bags, picked up the rental car and got out on the highway by 9:06 a.m. We didn't even hit any problems on the highway between San Francisco and Yuba City.

In fact, it went so well it was a little creepy. I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop, and it turns out there was no other shoe.

The holiday was a nice day at my brother's house, spent with his family and my father, who had flown out for a few days. Here's my pops and bro:

Dad & Mark

The fam had turkey. I brought along my own tofurkey. And the dog had fauxturkey.

Emily & turkey

The next day we made a little road trip to Lake Tahoe. Here's me:

Me & my shadow

It was be-yoo-tiful.

Tahoe Thanksgiving

Cabin in the woods

Stark trees

It was also cold, as you can see here from my niece, Alley:

Alley in her coat

At least the coffee was smiling.

Coffee smile

Coming tomorrow: Update on San Francisco. Or, as my dad calls it, "That City Full of Freaks and Queers."

No wonder I love it so much!
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By Blogger Jennifer, at 1:53 AM  

Sounds like you had an amazing holiday! I bet you couldn't wait to get back to work, though, right?? haha!!!
Congrats on the novel, too! :-)    

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