Art: The San Francisco Treat

San Francisco is art. That's all there is to it.

Of course there are the public art pieces, like these beautiful sculptures:


Spider statue

But everywhere you go, you stumble all over the little things ... sometimes literally:

'They dream'

And around every corner is something beautiful and unexpected. I found this mural down an alley in Chinatown. I actually thought the silly string made it more striking:

Silly string

The street art makes rainbows in otherwise gritty neighborhoods:


By far the most stunning neighborhood was the Mission District, a quirky place full of taquerias, bookstores, a pirate shop and strong coffee (At one little cafe, I had the "Heart Attack," which was shots of espresso combined with heavy-duty brewed coffee).

Maybe it's the coffee that inspired lovely pieces like these.



Skeleton boy

Phenomenal, right? Or maybe I'm just starved for authentic street art, since I live in an area where public art is commissioned by the city for hundreds of thousands of dollars. (Not that the expensive pieces are any less beautiful. But some of them lack heart.)

These works in the Mission particularly moved me:

Doorway art

thanksgiving 403

Even the city buildings are covered in paint. Here's the community pool, first from the front, then around the corner and down 20th Street:

Pool building

Walking down 20th Street

The Women's Building was every bit as FANTASTIC as I had heard. From every side, every angle, every inch of it was magical. I couldn't shoot it all:

Women dancing

Woman painting

Women's Building



From afar

Looking up

But my favorite piece in the whole neighborhood was this, a random treasure that was found as we were parking the car:

Garage art

So much loveliness.
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By Blogger Jennifer, at 12:09 AM  

That spider reminds me of the creepy black spider with an egg sack statue in a swanky district of Tokyo! Eerie!! But cool, too!    

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