Kitty, Hello?

Satellite head

Benefits to having a sick cat in the animal hospital:

1. No cat trying to tiptoe onto the stove and eat out of the pan while dinner is cooking.

2. No need to protectively shelter plates of food. Especially plates bearing seafood.

3. No smelly litter.

4. No loud meows to disturb business calls.

5. No evil genius cat taking a big dump right before company comes over.

6. Cat hair on clothing a thing of the past.

7. No diabolical feline leaping through the air and onto my back during upside-down yoga postures.

8. No more shredded newspapers.

9. No more scratching my arms or biting my feet. (Unless I tell Jason to.)

10. No more waking up to little paws swatting at my head.


1. Quiet

2. Sad

3. Lonely
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By Blogger Lissa, at 4:16 PM  

Awww... Pao looks so sad with that satellite dish on his head. I hope hes ok?? Tbone and I fight like spouses. It amuses all my friends. I'd be lonely and sad if he were gone too.. well, maybe happy the first hour or so... lol

Cats = pure evil. But, like men, can't live with them and can't live without them!!    

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