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You might notice that it looks like Kung Pao Kitten is wearing a skydiving helmet. So it makes perfect sense that he came into my life at the skydiver farmhouse in Indiana, a common drop-off site for all kinds of strays, from teeny kitties to bloody Pit Bulls.

Kung Pao crossed my path as I was stumbling up to the house after yet another hangar party. His head was enormous and his body was scrawny. Everyone else said he looked like the Outbreak monkey.

He stood in front of me and rubbed his bulbous head on my feet, then flipped upside down and curled around my legs.

I should mention how much I hated cats at this point in my life. Loathed them. Wished them dead. I thought they were stupid animals with no personality. They made my lungs all wheezy and my eyes red. I was all "Rah rah, dogs!"

But that night I looked at that cat and said to my boyfriend, "We're taking him home."

"Wha? But ... but ... you HATE cats."

"This cat? And me? We're in love," I said.

I'm so in love with Kung Pao, I'm convinced he's a reincarnated ex-boyfriend. Of course, that's mostly because he's also a total pervert. And I've dated a lot of those.

Kung Pao likes to sit on my lap when I pee. When I shower, he stands on the ledge of the bathtub and presses his paws against the cleap plastic curtain. And let's not even discuss all the times he's slept on my face.

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By Blogger Joe, at 11:27 PM  

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By Blogger Joe, at 11:31 PM  

Something made think I ought to check your Blog before I head to... uh, the couch for the night.

I thought you might post some photos with your new camera. And you did and they look good.

Findlay Market is a good place to take photos. So is Over-the-Rhine, generally speaking. Ideas, I'm full of 'em. More?    

By Blogger Maggie, at 5:00 AM  

These photos are nothing. You should see some of the others I've taken so far. There's the Flowers of Hyde Park series, the Downtown Fountain From Many Angles series and my favorite, the Portraits of a Flying Pig Statue series.

Those, and about 200 more photos of my cat. I should start dressing Kung Pao up in funny clothes to make the cat pictures more interesting to others.    

By Blogger Joe, at 7:30 AM  

I've begun to call the top picture "Maggie and Kung Pao Bored" and the bottom one "Maggie and Kung Pao Concerned".    

By Blogger Maggie, at 7:55 AM  

That's funny.

I just downloaded a photo off my camera that I call "Kung Pao Chows Box," a picture of him gnawing on the cardboard camera box.

I want to post all of these pictures to my Flickr page, but I'm scared I'll run out of room on there (you only get a certain amount of space per month) ... and I'm sure later this month I'll have a ton of birthday photos.    

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