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Oh my. What a fun party.

And, like the very best kinds of parties, the fun didn't even really start until 3 a.m.

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By Blogger Joe, at 10:23 AM  

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By Blogger Joe, at 10:26 AM  

Okay, I really should read these before I post them, thus the "delted post" above... Anyway...

Just read your "quarter-life crisis" column then went immediately and looked at all these photos.

I think I'm crying, laughing and remembering longingly - all at the same time. This adult stuff is so, uh, not eight years ago.

It was fun Friday, us all gathered together to wish you, our friend Maggie, off to another country (might as well be). And that's some sad shit.

Thanks for the memories, MED. Every time I look at my ballpoint pen I'll think of you..    

By Blogger Lissa, at 9:00 PM  

Good luck with your move. Take care, be safe, and keep in touch! Or at least provide me a link I can continue to read your articles!! :-)    

By Anonymous Doug, at 3:34 PM  


I missed your party because of mushrooms. Not the Phish kinda mushrooms, but the Shanghai Mama kind of mushrooms. They didn't agree with me Friday night. The base of 10 martinis didn't help either. I'm a lightweight moron, who had to cab it home.

Anyway, can you please email me your permanent email address. I only have your Enquirer address.


By Anonymous Matt D., at 10:53 AM  

Good luck with your move. Great party. I don't really remember how I got home or when I left.
Apparently it wasn't when that picture was taken. That's hilarious.
Be sure to send me your info.

Matt D.    

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