Air: Not just a hip French band

The skydiving season begins here this weekend.

To prepare, my boyfriend finally removed his parachute, rig, jumpsuits and helmets from the trunk of my car, where they had been since last November. All that remains now is the powerful scent of air.

Yes, air.

After being in the sky, your body, your clothes and all your equipment take on the scent of air, nature's perfect fragrance. It's the smell of your clothes after drying on a clothesline -- but about 100 times stronger and more concentrated.

I'm in love with the smell of air. After a day of jumping, I sniff my arms or pull chunks of my long hair under my nose so I can keep soaking it in. I'm close to humping my trunk, it smells THAT good.

They should bottle this stuff. For reals.
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